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VIK Partners is a consortium of investors targeting early stage companies in the wider Asia Pacific Region, with a focus on Vietnam.

Our current investment theme:

Vietnam as one of the fastest growing markets in terms of internet economy. middle-affluent class and urbanization.

Cosumber-focused companies which play off the themes of increasing discretionary income, soend, and its accompanying infrastructure (i.e. Logistics, FinTech, Education, etc.)

B2B/SaaS solutions operating proven business models adpted with intelligent localization & go-to-market starategies

Our Core Values


We believe in asking the right questions, and sometimes the wrong ones too.


We only back highly accountable founders who are resilient during setbacks.


Speed is key. We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty ro make things happen.


We ensure longevity by tirelessly refelecting, refining, and coming out stronger.

Portfolio Companies


OMT is an EdTech SaaS platform that operates 3 cloud-based management systems: KidsOnline for kindergartens, SchoolOnline for schools and CenterOnline for language and extracurriculars.

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Dones is a digital B2B workspace platform that allows company to aggregate existing programs, apps, documents, tasks, and chat into a single browser for accessibility and convenience.

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Gitiho is an occupational Edtech company that focuses on upskilling professionals in Vietnam. The courses offered by Gitiho focuses on corporate training (i.e. Excel, accountancy, and marketing).

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CargoLink is a freight exchange that connects haulage requirements of consignors and carriage services of carriers throughout the country.

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FlexOS enables companies to launch and manage successful hybrid workplaces. It packs 10+ key features to solve the biggest hybrid challenges by focusing on organizing workplaces and engaging employees.

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